If you need to send a parcel or transport some luggage to a specific location, without going with it, we can easily get this delivered for you. We understand your concerns about ensuring that your precious items reach their destination quickly and securely and you can rely on us to deliver an efficient and trustworthy service.


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We have a sizeable vehicle with plenty of luggage space for packages or luggage and our drivers are renowned for their in-depth local knowledge and experience further afield.

Whatever your luggage transfer requirements, whether it be a birthday present for a loved one or a suitcase from the airport, we would be glad to pick up your goods and personally transport them to their destination. You can rely on us to carry out the journey on your behalf and ensure the safe delivery of your items.

Your items will be stored securely in our vehicle and we will make sure that the intended recipient is the one to receive the goods. Put your trust in Midas Taxis of Wadebridge and we’ll deliver.

We pride ourselves on being reliable and professional and this extends to our parcel and luggage delivery service.

The next time you would like a parcel or item of luggage to be transported anywhere in the UK, give Midas Taxis a call and trust us to meet your delivery requirements.